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Say “I Do” at Historic Ashland: Exploring the Versatility of This Pennsylvania Wedding Venue

Alyssa Bunton Photography

Looking for a wedding venue with a variety of options? Historic Ashland in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania has you covered. This historical venue offers the scenic outdoors of classic Pennsylvania with backgrounds of trees and greenery as well as an indoor rustic feel in their lodge. The original property dates back to 1806 and has undergone renovations to turn it into the wedding venue seen today. Leah Nadu, co-owner and general manager of Historic Ashland, bought the property in 2017, when she made the renovations to allow the Historic Ashland to function as a wedding venue. 


“Back in the 80s, it was a working farm that someone lived at,” said Nadu. “And then when I bought it, it was a property that had been passed down in a family. No one was living there. It was completely rundown and overgrown.”


Hannah Constein Photography min

Nadu opened Historic Ashland in 2018, when she ran the venue herself with the help of her parents. As the venue grew, Nadu took on a team of employees who allowed her to delegate while still maintaining a hands-on approach.


“How I structure the business is by handling the Historic Ashland Instagram messages, emails, tours and employees myself,” said Nadu. “But, when it comes to the actual weddings, they are all run and managed by one of our day-of-coordinators.”

Sage Design Co. 2 min

The Historic Ashland site has a lot to offer couples with its original brick, stone and wood architecture, giving the backdrops a variety of themes. All of the amenities are onsite, with two separate getting-ready quarters, three outdoor ceremony locations and an indoor ceremony lodge with two levels. 


“When I did the renovation and opened as a venue, I really tried to have couples get married at Ashland because they saw the aesthetic of the venue and they expressed  ‘we love that the venue is part of our decor, part of our aesthetic, part of what we’re paying for’ –– it’s not like a blank slate,” she said. 


Part of what attracts couples to Historic Ashland is that they don’t have to worry too much about decorations, said Nadu. Because of the venue’s variety of spaces and its own look, couples are able to focus more on the experience rather than the decorations. 

Hannah Constein Photography 2 min

Historic Ashland can hold up to 150 guests per wedding, but they also offer smaller wedding packages such as their elopement and intimate packages. However, for Nadu, she often sees more medium sized weddings, with around 100-120 guests.


“Our niche in the market is often couples who prioritize quality over quantity,” she said. “For example, my favorite weddings have always been the ones that are maybe 70, 80, 90 people, and they really have prioritized a quality experience and an enjoyable wedding.”

Sage Design Co

As for the variety of couples that Nadu and her team have hosted over the years, Historic Ashland strives to be an inclusive venue that welcomes same-sex marriages, cultural weddings and any couple that chooses their venue. 


“One of the biggest things that has always been important for me from day one is I never wanted anyone to come to my venue in any capacity and not to take part in the experience,” she said. “We always strive to have personalized service.”

 For more information on Historic Ashland, check out their website. 

Cover Image By: Alyssa Bunton Photography

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