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6 Tips to Create Your Personalized Wedding Drink Menu

The drink menu can be a creative accent to any wedding, giving the couple creative freedom to make a list specific to their tastes. Whether putting a twist on classics or creating a signature cocktail, wedding drink menus don’t necessarily have to be something standard. Drink menus can be in accordance with the season, wedding colors or something out of the box. Here are some tips to help come up with the perfect wedding drink menu.

1. Seasonal & Trending

For warm outdoor weddings, the Aperol Spritz is the “it” drink for the summer, bringing a refreshing taste to any drink menu. While the traditional Aperol Spritz is a great option, there are many variations of this refreshing drink that can cater to guests’ different taste preferences by incorporating other flavors. 


Other similar drinks can have assortments of flavoring options while keeping the same base drink, which can help keep the recipe simple while having a variety of drinks for guests to choose from. Any drink that you find trending or popular, you can change up and make into a whole drink menu with a few juice swaps and different garnishes.


2. Sticking to Color Themes

Having your drinks match the color theme of your wedding can add some creativity to your drink menu as well. 


“So when people are saying ‘hey, I really like tequila, and my wife, her favorite color is pink and it’s her birthday.’ I recommend a strawberry champagne margarita, because one, they’re beautiful. And two, it’s a great drink; it’s light, it’s refreshing. And it goes with everything from the strawberry with the lime wheel on the garnish with the pink, salted brim as well,” said Christina Johnson, owner of Busted Saddle LLC, a service that provides events with bartenders, bar setups and bartender supplies. 


While this is just one way to match your drinks to your color scheme, the pop of color in a cocktail can add to the overall aesthetic of your wedding. 


“It goes from anything like ‘till death do us part’ weddings where we did the whole dark and purple, black drinks to just the elegant weddings where they want to do something that’s classy,” said Johnson. 

3. Something Sentimental

Maybe you met your significant other drinking vodka sodas at your college bar or maybe you met up for the first time on a blind date and split a bottle of white wine. Whatever the circumstances were, having a sentimental drink option is a great way to add some flavor to your drink menu. Even adding a name to this drink that describes its place in your relationship’s story can make this drink option a little more fun and meaningful.


4. Keeping it Classic

While coming up with your own unique drinks can be a fun addition to your drink list, sometimes it’s easier to stick with the classics. One option is to center your drink list around one liquor, and then finding a variety of recipes that revolve around that liquor. For example, if vodka is your choice, having a selection of Moscow Mules, fruit juices to mix or vodka martinis would be exciting for your guests.

5. For Non-Drinkers & Under-21

Often there will be a crowd at weddings who want to grab a fun drink, but may be non-drinkers or under-21. One way to include all guests is to have mocktails on the menu. These drinks can go along with the theme or colors of your wedding and match the other cocktails, but can have alcohol substitutes like sodas and fruit juices.


“I had my first Indian wedding this weekend and they wanted not only cocktails, but mainly mocktails, so we did a lot of that,” said Johnson. 


These simple drinks are a fun addition to your drink list so that every guest can participate in having a cool drink in their hand.


6. When In Doubt, Ask Your Beverage Provider

If you’re still feeling stuck for ideas, ask your beverage provider or other bartenders their recommendations for your drink menu. Most beverage providers have done many different weddings and can help you decide what drinks would be the best fit for your menu. 

For more information on Busted Saddle LLC, check out their website.

All Images Taken by Christina Johnson
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