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Meet our Team

Get to know our team of experts that make all the magic happen!


Hannah Wolf

Founder and CEO


Logan Tate

Co-Founder and CTO


Emily Yoast

Styled Shoots & Events Coordinator


Emily Kenniston

Principal Model Coordinator


Building a transparent and simple wedding directory

Back in August 2021 Hannah Wolf began the journey of combining her love for weddings and marketing. Her life is a sequel to the movie 27 dresses.

The idea came to her one day while helping a friend plan her wedding. She was stumped by how many vendors were located in all different areas across the internet. This was the “ah-ha” moment I had to create a one-stop-shop for couples to find their wedding dream team, while also helping to market Pennsylvania wedding businesses at an affordable cost.

Our platform aims to connect couples to wedding vendors with a transparent and simple approach which in turn saves everyone time.

In addition to being a digital store front for advertising and showcasing wedding businesses, we also offer “behind the scenes ” marketing services. Digital marketing is changing the landscape for how businesses operate and promote themselves. Statics show that the average person spends 8 hours per day online, which means staying updated with trends and the digital footprint is crucial to helping your business thrive.


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